Dim-Sum (Cold)

Chicken Claws in Fragrant Chinese Wine£3.20

Rice Rolls (Cheung Fun)

Special Cheung Fun (har, ngau, char siu cheung)£4.00
Prawn Cheung Fun (har cheung)£4.00
Beef Cheung Fun (ngau cheung)£3.60
Pork Cheung Fun (char siu cheung)£3.60
Chinese Doughnut Cheung Fun (yau ja gwai cheung)£3.60
Plain Cheung Fun (jaai cheung)£3.30

Dim-Sum (Fried)

Vegetarian Sam-See Gau£2.80
Mixed Meat Croquettes (haahm seui gok)£2.80
Chicken & Taro Puff (wuh gok)£2.80
Crispy Spring Rolls (cheun gyun)£2.80
Pekinese Dumplings with Red Vinegar£3.10
Barbecued Pork Pastry (char siu so)£2.50
Paper Wrapped Prawns£3.00
Seafood Croquettes with Mayonnaise£3.00
Squid Cakes with Sweet & Sour Dip£3.45
White Radish with Shrimp & Sausage (loh baahk go)£2.80
Beef Dumplings£3.00
Crispy Thai Chicken Rolls£3.00