DIM-SUM (Fried)
Chicken with Pak-Choi Dumplings2.60
Vegetarian Sam-See Gau2.50
Mixed Meat Croquettes (haahm seui gok)2.50
Chicken & Taro Puff (wuh gok)2.50
Crispy Spring Rolls (cheun gyun)2.50
Pekinese Dumplings with Red Vinegar2.80
Barbecued Pork Pastry (char siu so)2.20
Paper Wrapped Prawns2.70
Seafood Croquettes with Mayonnaise2.70
Squid Cakes with Sweet & Sour Dip3.15
White Radish with Shrimp & Sausage (loh baahk go)2.50
Deep Fried Bean Curd Rolls (jin fuh peih gyun)2.70
Prawn Rolls with Mayonnaise2.70
Beef Dumplings2.70
Crispy Thai Chicken Rolls2.70
Squid Rings2.70

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