Broccoli with Oyster Sauce£4.95
Samsee Style Vegetables£6.10
VCrystal Beansprouts£4.95
Choi-Sum with Oyster Sauce or Garlic£6.60
Pak-Choi with Oyster Sauce or Garlic£6.20
Monks’ Vegetables£5.20
VAubergines with Garlic£4.95
VCrystal Asparagus£4.95
VAubergines with Sweet & Sour Sauce£5.95
VSweet & Sour Vegetables£5.95
VSweet Corn with Asparagus£5.95
VBean Curd with Black Bean Sauce£5.95
VSweet & Sour Bean Curd£5.95
VBraised Bean Curd with Vegetables£5.95
VBean Curd with Cashew Nuts£5.95
VBean Curd with Sweet Corn£5.95
VBean Curd with Salt & Chilli (Hot)£5.95
VVegetarian Style Singapore Rice Vermicelli (Hot)£5.95
VVegetarian Style Amoy Rice Vermicelli£5.95
VCrystal French Beans with Water Chestnuts£5.95
VSuitable for Vegetarians

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