vLettuce Rolls£5.00
vSpring Rolls - 3 per portion£3.60
vDeep Fried Wan-Tun with Sweet & Sour£5.00
vFried Tofu£5.00
vSweet Corn Soup£4.00
vHot & Sour Soup£4.00


Prawn Wan-Tun£4.20
Chicken & Sweet Corn£4.20
Crab Meat & Sweet Corn£4.20
Hot & Sour£4.20


Sweet & Sour Cod£9.20
Cod with Ginger & Spring Onions£9.20
Cod with Seasonal Greens£9.20
Steamed Fish (Sea Bass or Dover Sole)(Seasonal Price)
Cod with Crab Meat£9.20
Salt & Chilli Squid£9.20
Squid with Chilli & Black Bean£9.20
Scallops in Crispy Batter£10.30
Scallops with Seasonal Greens£10.30
Scallops with Ginger & Spring Onions£10.30
Monkfish with Ginger & Spring Onions£11.50
Monkfish with Choi-Sum£11.50
Monkfish Szechuan (Hot)£11.50
Red Snapper Fillets with Sweet Chilli£9.50
Soft Shell Crab with Salt & Chilli£13.80


Pork with Cashew Nuts£8.30
Pork with Aubergines in Chilli & Black Bean£8.30
Pork with Ginger & Spring Onions£8.30
Char Siu Barbecued Pork£8.30
Kung Po Pork (Hot)£8.30
Satay Pork£8.30
Pork with Chilli & Black Bean£8.30
Foil Baked Spare Ribs with Honey£8.30
v Suitable for Vegetarians