Sweet & Sour Cod £8.65
Cod with Ginger & Spring Onions £8.65
Cod with Seasonal Greens £8.65
Steamed Fish (Sea Bass or Dover Sole) (Seasonal Price)
Cod with Crab Meat Sauce £8.65
Cod with Sweet Corn £8.65
Deep Fried Salt & Chilli Squid £8.65
Squid with Chilli & Black Bean Sauce£8.65
Scallops in Crispy Batter £9.65
Scallops with Seasonal Greens £9.65
Scallops with Ginger & Spring Onions £9.65
Mixed Seafoods Szechuan Style (Hot)£9.65
Oysters with Ginger & Spring Onions£9.65
Oysters in Crispy Batter£9.65
Monkfish with Ginger & Spring Onions £9.65
Monkfish with Asparagus £9.65
Szechuan Style Monkfish (Hot)£9.65
Red Snapper Fillets with Sweet Chilli Sauce £8.65
Tronçons of Turbot with Soya & Spring Onions£15.80
Soft Shell Crab with Salt & Chilli £12.80

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